Performance Anxiety - What was supposed to be a fun night out turns into a disaster as Frank's inability to pee in public urinals quickly turns into the worst night of his life. As his bladder expands, so does desperation to find one moment of solitude. (Download the PDF)

The Urge - Cold and emotionless, Phil calmly tells a police officer how he turned from a frustrated artist disgusted by humanity to a serial killer preying on women whose beauty he can only find in death. (Download the PDF)

Nothing... - A violent tale of retribution unfolds in one evening. (Download the PDF)


Lazy Days - Jess Henry, hoping to achieve a life of carefree leisure, moves to Key West to work as a live-in personal assistant and boat captain for Troy Kazman. Jess’ idyllic life is disrupted when his trouble-making sister, Madison, and her teenage daughter, Riley, stop in for a visit that quickly turns permanent. (Script available upon request)


Three-Sided Coins - The lives and unknown connections of six people collide around Madeline Halladay as she tries her best to help them. Even if it means ignoring her own needs in the process. (Script available upon request)

Losing Faith - A man descends into paranoia and jealousy after a psychic foretells that either he or his fiancée is destined to kill the other. (Script available upon request)

Runners - A night of carefree partying downtown for the servers at Decker’s Bar & Grill becomes more tumultuous than anyone planned. (Script available upon request)

The Heart Grows Fonder - Rose and Michael fell in love on the night they first met – it just took ten years for them to realize it. (Script available upon request)

Throwing It All Away - With his ten-year high school reunion looming, a young man tries to completely reinvent his life to disastrous results. (Script available upon request)

Sleeping Dogs Lie - An accidental death during a fraternity hazing ritual tests the strengths of brotherhood, loyalty and honor. (Script available upon request)