Why “Artists Pay Back”?
Because "Artists Give Back" was already taken.


No, I mean, what's this all about?
It's basically about you giving me career assistance, just as in some small way I have been there to lend support to your career over the years. Basically returning the support I have given to you.


Sounds a little aggressive with the whole "payback" thing. Don't you think this whole thing is a little offensive?
I hope not. That's not my intention.  


Why should I give you money?
Because it will fund independent filmmaking and help me establish my writing career. I’m not talking about millions, any amount is appreciated - $100, $500, $5k or more if you’d like. If I was only given .5% of whatever you made on your last project it would help me get started. This small percentage on your part translates to a massive amount for me that cannot even be conceived while my focus is using my meager income from multiple jobs (and depressingly anemic job prospects) to provide for necessities. My dreams of self-funding a project cannot compete with the reality of talking care of my wife and two daughters. If I ultimately have to forgo my own personal goals for the sake of my family, then I can accept that. But as the saying goes, it doesn’t hurt to ask.


You seriously want me to just cut you a check?
Sure. In your own career someone somewhere at some point in time helped you out in some capacity as well. Someone had to give you that first opportunity. I'm just hoping you can do the same.


Is this just a money grab? Is that all you care about?
Money is an easy and effective way for me to get my start, but it's not all I care about. I'm willing to take anything offered - advice, equipment, a meeting with your agent, optioning a script, a writing assignment, a fruit basket, subscription to Variety/Hollywood Reporter, three-picture deal etc. I'm open to anything you would like to do to help someone looking for their start. Contact me so we can discuss it further.


This is all about you, right?
Well, of course not, it just starts with me. Once I get enough funding to begin my project, I’ll need to hire actors, cameramen, technical professionals, musicians and any other number of people integral to any production. I've met many other people through the years who are loaded with talent and just searching for that opportunity to show what they can do. I'd like to help them take that next step as well.


Why don’t you just get to work and stop asking for handouts? If you work hard, you'll make it if it's meant to be.
Ah yes, hard work and talent, the 50/50 recipe to success. If only that were true. The reality is that hard work and talent are only parts of the equation - and not always vital ones. You cannot overlook other factors such as luck, connections and opportunities. It would be one thing if every person who has achieved their goals were deserving, but we all know there are people cashing inordinately large checks for dubious contributions. These people are lucky, they were given opportunities, they perhaps had famous relatives or friends but it's not always a case of hard work and talent. And conversely there are many hard-working and talented people struggling to gain attention. I"ve worked hard my whole life, yet I still haven't managed to get a foothold. To me this is just an extension of that work. Regardless of the success or failure of this site, I'll keep chugging along and writing and calling and doing what I've been doing.


Still why don't you do this the conventional way?
I tried, BELIEVE ME. I’ve sent queries, log lines, summaries and scripts to countless agents and production companies. I’ve attended conferences. I’ve read books. I’ve entered contests. There's a lot of competing noise out there and it's hard for one voice to be heard. So here I sit with some damn good material and no way to get it out to the public. I want them to decide. I need your help to do it.


Okay, so I’m a well-established artist who you have undoubtedly enjoyed and supported, how come I didn’t make your precious list?
Well, the list was a top-of-mind process where something or someone (be it a movie, TV show, director, actor, etc.) I have supported came to mind spurred me to another and another until I had over 300 names. Everyone on that list has garnered my support in terms of financial expenditures, word of mouth promotion, and patronization of their sponsors have all helped their successes over the years but that's not to say they are the only ones. If I left someone off, it was not intended as a slight. Send me your name and I will gladly add you to the list if I have in fact supported you and you support in return would, of course, be greatly appreciated.


Can I see these scripts?
Absolutely, you can download the short film scripts or peruse the log lines of the feature length scripts and sitcom and, if you are interested, send me an email and I can forward the treatments or full scripts to review.


How do I know this is legitimate?
Send me an email and I will gladly give you any information you'd like. Verify my name, address, scripts, blood type, work history. Whatever information you need to feel better about taking this further, I will gladly offer.

Okay. Let's say I actually decide to help you. I suppose you're going to name drop me to everyone and I'm going to get inundated with similar requests and related annoyances.
Absolutely not. Well, unless you want me to. Any assistance provided can be as public or private as the benefactor wishes it to be. This is between you and me and it can stay that way if you wish.


Anything else you'd like to say?
There's really nothing more to say. If you've gotten this far, I can only hope that means you're interested. As I said, it's all about opportunities and at some point you have to rely on another to give you a hand and pull you up to that next level.

Thank you for your time.